Monthly Archive: January, 2012

The (un)alternate world below our fingertips

The age old question, is it inherent altruism or egocentrism that makes us human. Are we a naturally fair and moral species, seeking equality, that has been waylaid and forced to adapt to… Continue reading

Death of the Textbook?

According to Apple Insider, , reports are claiming that the company is on verge of launching a new ipad app which will makes standards-compliant e-book publishing as easy as recording a song in… Continue reading

What the F?!

Jakob Nielsen and others conducted quasi-scientific studies which tracked eye movement and dwell times of a number of site visitors to produce a heat-map showing the most heavily consumed (time spent) areas of… Continue reading

Creative block

My somewhat ceaseless, somewhat disheartening quest for post-graduation employment prospects recently led me to a particular graduate scheme whose application probed my capacity for creativity. It was just one question. About 1/10th of… Continue reading