The Twilight Zone

Where the f… do evenings go?

That period of time between 5 and 9 that feels about as concrete as falling snow.

Is this occurrence universal?

Or am I just experiencing some kind of unexplained, intermittent time dispersal?

Is there a vortex operating around the 4 walls of my flat that allows the laws of physics to temporarily be relaxed?


Who’d have thought that time dilation could even be experienced within the same nation, let alone between two different points either side of Kentish town tube station.

It just doesn’t seem to add up, correct me if I’m not right:

But I got home at half five, made dinner, had a rest now it’s time for Newsnight.

Even the most closed of minds would question the validity of that sight.


What’s worse is that, they’re getting shorter by the day

I can remember that back in November I could to cook, go to the pub and debate the futility of facebook, all in the twilight.

Now I’m lucky if I get chance to check my emails without having to stay up all night.

I think some mystical time lord is auctioning off my seconds and hours

20 minutes a-go, unlawfully so as this time isn’t ours…it’s mine

And don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to sound bitter, but I was just looking at twitter; and everyone’s boasting about the cool places they’re at,


While I’m in my flat,


held captive

by this strange being who has his heart set on making my clocks hyperactive.

It’s like an inverse groundhog day.

Or a kind of Benjamin Button situation

I’m like Brad Pitt only instead of growing into a kid I’m … too exhausted to comprehend the meaning of that id-(iosyncrasy)

There just isn’t time.

At this rate I’ll get back to my room, on some June afternoon, dump my bag, go to the loo for a second and come back to a full moon.

It’s so easy for you, to have your time dictated by daylight savings,

and not the whims of some numinous assailant.


Or perhaps I’m just being a tad theatrical. Clutching at straws to bend the laws of nature

and allow for the incorporation of hokum to explain away my horrific procrastination.